Company and Products


Our production includes hazelnuts, natural or roasted, which we use to prepare biscuits, tarts and cakes; dried fruit, made using only natural methods, with nothing added; great for a boost of energy or to enjoy with yoghurt; the produce of our vegetable garden and the fresh fruit from our orchard, which we use to prepare our jams.

We follow the rhythm of the seasons, and wait for perfect ripeness.


Barbera D’Asti produced by us in the vineyard next door.

We will gladly offer you our Barbera d’Asti DOCG, the most eloquent fruit of our passion for good things and of our work in the vineyard on the hill nearby.  

And if you fall in love with a wine, a speciality or one of our dishes, we will be happy to provide them to you directly (the perfect souvenir from Monferrato!) or let you know exactly where and how to find the best local products. 


We sell our products directly at our farm and if you come to see us, we will be more than happy to show you round.

Alternatively, as we are part of the Campagna Amica circuit, you will find us at a number of street markets following this monthly schedule:

1st Sunday: piazza Palazzo di Città, Turin
2nd Sunday: piazza Cavour, Turin and Carmagnola market
3rd Sunday: piazza Madama Cristina, Turin and Borgo d’Ale market (VC)
4th Sunday: piazza Bodoni, Turin


What we don’t produce on our farm we make sure we carefully select from cattle farms and local companies that still follow authentic and genuine artisanal traditions: small producers that despite the difficulties still manage to provide extraordinary niche products.

Ours is a small farm that covers a surface of 4 hectares, comprising a vineyard, hazel grove, orchard and vegetable garden.